Curl-noise on the GPU

This project aims to implement curl-noise as presented by R. Bridson using OpenCL, C++, and OpenGL.

Paper (in Swedish) Source Code

Monte Carlo Path Tracing

An implementation of a Monte Carlo Path Tracer in C++ and OpenMP that produces physically-based renderings of parametric geometry. A photon map is used to speed-up convergence of indirect diffuse light.

Paper Source Code

Genetic programming of behavior trees

Modelling of adversarial agents where their behavior model as Behavior Trees, where the tree structure is generated using genetic programming.

Paper Source Code

Text generation using a Recurrent Neural Network

A Recurrent Neural Network-based prediction model designed to find generalizable structures in sequences of text characters. The model is evaluated through training and prediction on the Linux kernel source code Linux kernel-code.


Hierarchical Task Network (HTN) planner for multi-agent domains

Evaluation of a HTN-planning system for a search and rescue scenario with multiple robots. Planner is developed in Python and adapted from Pyhop and interfaces with the ROS framework.


Template Matching of GUI elements

Evaluation on how different image transformations affects the performance of Template Matching to detect and localize GUI components in screenshots.

Paper Source Code

Deep learning bone segmentation in volumetric CT-Volumes

Semantic segmentation of specific lumbar vertebrae through a Convolutional Neural Network mode working with volumetric data and user provided hints.