GPU Curl-noise

This project aims to implement curl-noise as presented by R. Bridson using OpenCL, C++, and OpenGL.

Paper (in Swedish) Source Code

Monte Carlo Path Tracing

Implementation of a Monte Carlo Path Tracer in C++ and OpenMP in order to produce realistic renderings of parametric geometry. To speed up the process a photon map was utilized for indirect diffuse light.

Paper Source Code

Genetic programming of behaviour trees

Modelling of adversarial agents where their behaviour model as Behaviour Trees where the tree structure is generated using genetic programming.

Paper Source Code

Text generation using RNN

A Recurrent Neural Network prediction model designed to generalize structure in sequences of characters. Evaluated by training the model on Linux kernel-code.


HTN-planning for multi-agent robotics

Evaluation of a HTN-planning system for a search and rescue scenario with multiple robots. Planner is adapted from Pyhop and interfaced with the ROS framework.


Computer vision for virtual users agents

Evaluation on how different image transformations affects the performance of Template Matching to find known patterns in GUI environments.

Paper Source Code

Volumetric semantic segmentation using CNN

Semantic segmentation of specific lumbar vertebrae through 3d convolutions and user provided hints.